192. The Little Christmas Tree

It kind of goes without saying that the christmas tree is one part of Christmas you can't be without. Beef instead of turkey crown? Go right ahead. Skipping the Queens' speech in favour of Sky movies? That's just fine. But no tree, no game. 

191. A Trip to the Tate

Just like most Londoners we're guilty of avoiding the 'tourist traps', they're always far too full of people who are always wandering about far too slowly. Thanks but no thanks.  Until this year anyway. This year we've put our tourist caps on to try and see everything that our city has to offer (also known as the greatest exercise in patience ever, trying to navigate around selfie sticks and map dwellers).

A grey  weekend gave us the perfect opportunity to head out and hole up somewhere cultural (and not just in the local) so we wrapped up and jumped on the tube to Southbank to visit the Tate modern. I'll be the first to say that modern art isn't my favourite (I insisted on a steady game of "Art. Not art. Not art. Not art. Art" around the entire building) but even I was blown away by the sheer scale of some of the pieces and I completely recommend you plan a visit. Just make sure you walk down to Gordon's Wine Bar for a bottle of red on the way home too. 

190. #TBT

Christmas day around 1994, tree decorations curtesy of myself and my toddler sibling - clearly you can never have enough "Santa's beard" on a tree or more costume jewellery on a young girl. Christmas back then was one month long show that my parents managed to pull of faultlessly - Father Christmas would arrive every Christmas eve to decorate the house (how my parents pulled off 2763 balloons and sequinned garlands in silence every year I'll never know), mince pies were left out and in the morning my dad would set up the video camera to catch all of our reactions to the mountain of toys.

This particular Christmas mum came across two bridesmaids dresses being sold for a few pounds in my size so snapped them up as something I might like to play with, this one in particular actually became my most treasured "Cinderella" dress for years and years, even thinking about it now I can smell the Avon Little Blossom make up set and hear dad's Genesis album playing on the record player.

It's something I will always endeavour to relive for my own children, except for the tinsel. No tree of mine will ever be allowed tinsel.