How SEO Helps Small Businesses: A Complete Guide

There are so many hurdles that a small business owner must go through before they are ready to launch the company and compete with other businesses in the area. It does not matter whether you are opening a local business that will serve a specific community, or you are attempting to create an online store where you can sell products or services to a wider audience. In each of these instances, using the internet to boost customer engagement, raise awareness about the company and increase sales is a legitimate tactic. And none of it is going to happen without SEO and proper website design.

What is SEO?

Even though SEO has been around as a concept for many years, some business owners are still not aware of its meaning. We can explain right now. SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is a method where you are converting the web pages and the text on your website to ensure that you are getting a prominent position among search engine results. Most SEO is done with Google in mind – as it is by far the most popular search engine in the UK area. If your potential customers are using a search engine to find a business, they are more than likely to use Google.

But SEO is about a lot more than just adding a few words to your website. Even though the major idea is that you are going to take your company’s website, and you are going to ensure that if people are searching for related keywords, it is your site they are finding before any other, you need a bit more. That is why using a SEO specialist to your advantage can help a lot. Specialists such as can offer small businesses a vital service at a low price, and it is the key to ensuring that your company can compete.

Optimizing Every Aspect of a Site’s Content

Aside from ensuring that related keywords and long-tail keywords are added to every article or page on a website, it is also about assessing how local searches impact your site’s position. Sure, you will want to have a site that is at the forefront whenever a related keyword is searched, but those local results may impact your site even more.

For instance, if someone is searched for plumbers in Euton, and you are opening a plumbing business in the Euton area, what will you care about the most? You will care that when people in your area are using the area’s name and keywords related to your company’s services, they are finding your company as a real option to use.

Do Not Ignore a Website’s Design

Yes, it is vital that your website has specific information spread throughout its pages – and that the articles you have on those pages are “search engine optimized.” But you can do all of that and still have a site that is going to turn off customers. You may get the higher search engine position that you are seeking because of those adjustments. But it is not going to guarantee you anything. In fact, if you have a site that looks as though it was made by an amateur and updated two years ago it is only going to hurt your business.

Why does it hurt your company? Because customers place a lot of importance on how a website looks and loads. If you have a site that is taking five minutes to load a page on a laptop or smartphone, people will not even bother waiting for the page to load. They will just press the back button and find a competitor’s site instead. And it is the same if your site looks ugly or outdated. If the potential customer has never heard of your business before, do you think they are going to stick around? We doubt it, and we can understand why. Customers have so many choices these days and they can just go with a company that has put in the effort to create a gorgeous and informative site that is regularly updated. And we believe that YOUR Company should be the one that has all those features. We want your company to be the one that people are trusting in these moments. Do not let any competitor steal a march on you because it will cost you in the short and long-term. Because when you have a local business, it is not just about the money that you could have made right now, but the money you could make on many occasions. If a customer finds a competitor because your site was old and outdated, do you think they will ever give you a second glance? It is unlikely, especially if your competitor satisfied their needs. The customer will just use that company if they ever need the service – even in the future.

Low Cost – High Reward

Everything that is related to SEO and website design is a low cost, high reward scenario for a small business. We can understand the apprehension among small business owners who do not want to spend a fortune on marketing for their company. They want to make more sales and gain a better reputation in the community, but they want to do it on a budget. The good news is that you can get all of that when you are using a proper SEO expert to help you with optimization and site design.

These service providers charge a lot less than you would image. In fact, we believe that you could get your entire site designed, updated and optimized for less money than it would cost to run one television ad for a month. And that is what you are getting out of this process. You are getting a massive amount of awareness about your company, genuine customers who want to buy your items, and increased sales for a low cost. There is no other service where you are going to get a similar result.

Reacting to Google Algorithm Changes

Another element to this whole process that people sometimes ignore is how you must react to the changes that are made to Google algorithms. And Google is not the only search engine that will regularly change up its algorithm to keep site owners on their toes. That is why we believe that only a SEO expert can help you get the level of service that you need. if you think that you could learn a little bit about SEO on your own and get the result that you want – we do not think it is going to work in such a way. We do not believe that you would be satisfied if that is the result that you are thinking you would get. Why? Because when an algorithm change occurs, you would not even know. You would assume that you are doing the right things, but you would have fallen behind your competitors – who had professionals update their site regularly to account for these types of changes. It is all about ensuring that when something does change, you are at the forefront of reacting to those changes and their impact on your site’s search engine position.

When you have a high quality and reliable SEO expert who is working on your behalf, it means that such changes are never going to have a negative impact on your website. In fact, your SEO expert will be one of the first people who is keeping up to date on the information about Google algorithm changes, and how they impact your website’s position for general and local search engine results. And since your SEO expert is working on updating your site regularly, it means that when the changes are enacted, you will be ahead of the competition. You will have stolen a march on others, and it will result in even more business going towards your company.

The Internet Can Make or Break Your Business

Your small business could have nothing to do with the internet – but the internet is still going to impact how your company performs in the next few years and beyond. People still rely on local information when they want to buy something or receive a service. But they care a lot more about what is provided online than in the past. That is why you need to ensure your site looks gorgeous, contains every bit of information a customer would want, and is updated regularly to keep up with SEO changes.

It is all about finding the most efficient way to promote your business. You may think that local newspaper or TV ads are the way to go. And those can help, but not as much as an online site. People use local searches on Google and other search engines with increasing frequency, and most often on their smartphones. If you are selling products in the local area, or offering a service that customers will regularly need, then you need to ensure people are coming to your site and asking for that product or service – and not going to your competitors!