184. Ann Summers support CoppaFeel!

I pride myself on knowing quite a lot about the standard rabbit. Playing with rabbits in the bedroom, on the sofa and sometimes even on the bathroom floor if it's a weekend. Real life bunnies that is. Bunnies that nibble ankles and beg for parsley and hunks of cardboard. 

It was rabbits of an entirely more rampant nature that caught my eye as I arrived at Ann Summers in their Stratford store to celebrate their partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!

183. How to be an intern

While most students (and a lot of my readers) are back in their halls battling another round of freshers flu, others will have just found themselves in the real world looking for a real job with a very real pay packet.  Sadly these days it's not enough being able to crack out a good essay structure, employers want real life skills and real life experience. Enter the internship.

I had the world's worst luck as an intern, always unpaid and always a relief to finish. On one of my first placements I once dropped a very expensive piece of camera equipment only a couple of days in, once I took a placement during a snow storm and spent every day sitting in my hotel room because the office had closed. Once I arrived in the office only to be handed a package and a ticket to the far north with strict instructions to head straight to the clients office and get back on the first available train. 

A long term placement for a fashion events team often required me to search through bags that were checked in and "out" anyone who had undesirables (drugs, the wrong credit card....) The amount of times I would arrive only to be told they were going to have to reschedule for another time and was that ok? Leaving with a great big grin on my face and a sinking feeling in my heart. It was a jumble, a competitive jumble at that and I remember leaving pretty much every one thinking that this was certainly not what I wanted to do when I grew up. 

It's been nearly 5 years since I found myself in these positions, these days I'm lucky enough to hire my own interns so I thought I'd share 10 little wisdoms for anyone who might be on the hunt too.

182. Bad days and upgrades

In case you didn't know, I am in mourning. On Friday afternoon I ballsed up installing an upgrade for my phone so spectacularly, so unforgivably wrong that resetting to the last back up was the only option if I ever wanted to switch it on again. Only of course I'd never actually backed it up, had I.