177. Italy part 1

My journey begins at 4 o clock in the morning a couple of Fridays ago when we'd been dragged awake from our guest room (ok, ok a duvet on the living room floor) and poured into heated car seats, all suitcases and sleepy eyes. The first part of our trip was taking us to a small Italian village a couple of hours outside of Rome. To some it might not look like much but to us it's home (albeit one filled with scorpions and crickets the size of your fist) and as I hadn't taken longer than two days off in nearly a year I couldn't wait - with a view like this from our house could you?

176. Emergency escape exits

In case you didn't already know I've been on a little escape, 12 glorious days of sun, sea and some much needed time away. 

175. Dirty Looks Hair

My love of long locks is no secret, after discovering clip in extensions and then real extensions I'm ashamed to say that it has been a rare day when my hair has been left to it's own devices and not glued, sewn or clipped into 200g of virgin remy or worse, acrylic.