186. Smells like...

Everybody remembers the smelly kid in school. Sometimes they really did smell and sometimes they were labelled because of one single unfortunate moment, either way they were set for a school term of clucking classmates holding their noses and pantomiming great big gusts of pong. I remember the first smelly kid in my school, Stacey. Stacey had a love of cheese and onion crisps and a mild bladder disorder and if you touched anything of hers you had to pass the "germs" on to someone else super quick before you caught whatever it was that made her smell (again, a rather unfortunate taste for cheese and onion crisps and a very mild bladder disorder) Or The Twins. I couldn't tell you their real names even then but after one particularly boisterous playtime where they ate a crisp off the floor they could never shake the stigma of being the grot bags. Actually maybe they didn't help their own cause there. 

Children are cruel, or maybe they're just cruelly honest. Either way I kept my ears clean and my passion for pickled onion monster munch strictly a home time affair for fear of picking up the label myself. 

185. This Autumn

Without even realising it the year has disappeared and Autumn has arrived in London. It's a funny time of year, a time for reflection and change, one eye firmly on Christmas and the other wistfully looking back at the warm summer evenings spent dozing in Hyde park. 

184. Ann Summers support CoppaFeel!

I pride myself on knowing quite a lot about the standard rabbit. Playing with rabbits in the bedroom, on the sofa and sometimes even on the bathroom floor if it's a weekend. Real life bunnies that is. Bunnies that nibble ankles and beg for parsley and hunks of cardboard. 

It was rabbits of an entirely more rampant nature that caught my eye as I arrived at Ann Summers in their Stratford store to celebrate their partnership with breast cancer charity CoppaFeel!