31. Bertie Shoes

On Wednesday I was lucky enough to be given a spot at the Bertie Shoes  bloggers event at their store in Covent Garden - my first ever bloggers event, eek. I spent the entire day at work counting down until I could race off - well,less race more hobble as suddenly my usual tatty pair of Uggs didn't seem quite right for the event and in a true lightbulb moment of genius that morning I had squeezed on a silly high pair of peep toes instead. Massive, massive ouch.

I arrived, finally, and had a pretty amazing evening eyeing up the latest collection, drinking Crabbies ginger beer and trying on shoes. Ah, Bliss. 

The S/S collection is described as a "trend infused with an eccentric yet naive charm....ditsy prints, tapestry fabrications and basket weave detail..." Think wedge heels, leather and beaded detailing and a pretty fabulous pair of heels in a vintage carpet print.

In short, bloody gorgeous.

Free sweets and ginger beer aside we were allowed to take home a free pair of shoes. A free pair of shoes. Free shoes.

I chose a tan pair of gladiators I'd already been coveting after seeing their site, and on the tube home realised I had also come away with a very generous goodie bag - red bull, more sweets, Nails Inc varnish, sunglasses and a Guess ring! Felt incredibly spoilt and spotted a serious amount of staring when I hopped off the tube at my massive Berties bag - although the fact that my vintage look butterfly print dress had  taken a bit of a shrinking in the wash and was revealing half my bottom at that point could have also had something to do with that...
 My gorgey shoes

Thankyou to all the guys at Bertie for such a generous, lovely evening. Could not recommend the shoes - or the service - enough. x

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  1. I've never even heard of these shoes before (not up to date with anything!), but they have a few pairs here that definitely look great, will have t keep an eye out! That's so exciting about having the event! Congratulations! x