106. Midweek Musings

1. I haven't blogged in a while. I had a nightmare at work, I had no time to myself, I had a panic attack, I had a break from the Internet. I'm back.

2. I’ve been buying holiday clothes in prep for my break at the start of June. Super bikinis that lift conquer and divide, Christ I nearly had my eyes out last night. "oh no I certainly didn't intend for my boobs to look this glaringly obvious and up right"

3. I clearly did.

4. I spent this evening drinking Absolut vodka at an ASOS collaboration party. 3 vodka cocktails, a maccy d and home before 9. I thnk we can count that as a success.

5. I'm not going to pretend I'm managing to pull of the whole caught in the rain but doesn't my make up look great aesthetic. Frizzy and damp. It's not the most attractive of styles.

6. Still not entirely convinced this drought can't be solved with bottled water and another week of rain either.

7. I’ve decided that breaking two drawers due to clothes over fill might signal the need for a clear out. Size 4? Hasn’t been worn since 2008? You mean I need to throw it out? I sense an afternoon with an Oxfam bag and some steely determination is in order. #crossmanclearsout

8. I think I need a clear out of people come to think of it. I spent too long being seen as the undesirable in the group in the past. Friends, boyfriends, don’t let me ruin your rep with my plain face and messy hair guys. If you’re unable to be seen talking to me in real life in front of real life people then you too can prepare to be put out for collection.

9. Well that was nearly the equivalent of a cryptic what – a – loser – with – pointed- comments Facebook update wasn’t it.

10. The end of the week is finally getting closer, since when did counting down to the weekend begin on Monday mornings? Hope everyone else's week is flying by. TGInearlyF


  1. I know what you mean about having a friends clear out! There are so many so called "friends" who just don't make the effort any more. If I constantly have to badger someone to talk, to meet up and etc it's just plain annoying. That's not friendship! My hair is frizz city at the moment too x x

  2. Sloe gin. Malibu. Vodka. And soda water.

    You, evidently, deserve it.

    Plus you always look good with a drink in your hand.